My Cancer Journey
Alternative and complimentary cancer treatments

Alternative and complimentary cancer treatments

This is a list of the alternative and complementary cancer treatments I am using. By describing these I am not recommending them simply describing what I am choosing to do in order to complement or supplement my existing cancer treatment.


Cancer thrives in an acidic or yin body, this comes from bad fats and processed foods. Most people today are too yin. Cooked vegetables are very alkaline or yang and are the best way to restore balance. I eat cooked vegetables with both lunch and dinner. One great way to get a lot of vegetables in is to make a mash or puree by steaming several chopped veggies together or using your pressure cooker. Pressure cooker vegetable puree recipe | Recommended pressure cooker.


I am drinking 3 to 4 cups of tea every day outside of treatment days. Based on testimonials I have found and my own results, this is a very important addition to my current treatment. People all over the world have had very positive results when using it as a complementary cancer therapy. Taheebo tea benefits | Brewing instructions. Buy Taheebo Tea


This is something I already do on a daily basis to support the liver and help the body detox. These are especially important during chemotherapy and compliment Taheebo tea perfectly. Coffee enemas help rid the body of harmful toxins while helping to strengthen the liver. They will also help get passed any constipation much faster with no side effects. I do a minimum of 3 coffee enemas daily outside of treatment days.
History and Benefits | Coffee Enema procedure| Brewing instructions | Recommended coffee enema kit here.


Heat therapy has been known to help get rid of tumors faster. Exposing your body to these red lights helps to activate your skin (your largest organ of elimination) as well as raise your body temperature causing an unfavourable environment for bacteria, viruses and cancer. I do anywhere from 30 to 90 min of sauna daily. This has been used as an alternative cancer therapy or complementary therapy for cancer for many years in alternative healing circles.
Recommended Saunas benefits & instructions


Most diseases thrive in a low oxygen environment. This is why there is a rise in what can be called oxygen therapy where the body is exposed to higher than normal levels of oxygen in the hopes of getting some higher concentration into the body. There are simple and safe ways you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Ozone Insufflation

The number 1 most effective way to ozonate the body (apart from doing IV treatments) is Ozone Insufflation. This is the process whereby you send ozonated oxygen up the rectum and hold it for a few minutes. This is a big subject which I can’t describe in full detail. All I can say is that since doing this simple procedure once a day, my energy levels have increased and I feel overall much healthier and stronger.

While this may seem strange to some, I would consider ozone insufflation to be in the top 5 of necessary alternative cancer therapies. It has become a staple in my daily routine and I cannot recommend it enough. It is important, in my opinion, to add it to a complete regimen which includes good food, coffee enemas and near infrared sauna. Read more about Ozone Insufflation.


There are two main reasons I use specific essential oils during this time. The first is to help support my immune system, the second is to help balance my hormonal system to reduce tumor growth.

Frankincense essential oil: has been known to have positive effects when applied on skin near tumors as well as on the back of the neck. I apply this oil to my tumor spots and back of the neck every other night before going to bed. Just 2-3 drops neat on each area. If you buy this oil from doTerra (see below) you can also take 1-3 drops under your tongue daily for added benefits.

OnGuard essential oil blend, Lemon essential oil: These are excellent oils to diffuse in your room during the day. They help to kill off viruses and bacteria that could affect your lowered immune system. I find diffusing one of these oils for 15 min in the morning and evening very enjoyable.

Essential Oil Quality is Key

Not all essential oils are made the same. Since you are using these for therapeutic reasons, I would recommend using only therapeutic grade essential oils. Store bought oils contain synthetic fillers that can be harmful when inhaled or applied to the skin. Better to not use essential oils than to use poor quality ones.

I buy my oils from doTerra exclusively. I would recommend joining as a member to benefit from an ongoing 25% discount over their retail pricing. To join as a member you just need to pay a $35 member fee and your discount is active for an entire year. After a year the renewal is $25 but you receive a free Peppermint essential oil valued at $27 so the renewal is basically free. If you want to buy a diffuser, I will add a link to my favorite place to get the best nebulizing diffusers at the end of this paragraph.

There are many other essential oils that I love, I only mentioned a few here that I use specifically because of my situation. Explore the various blends doTerra has to offer, essential oils have a powerful way of affecting our mood and can be especially uplifting during this time.

Helpful links:
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These should be tailored specifically to your needs at the time, the best way to do this is via hair mineral analysis. There are however some supplements that are especially supportive and complimentary therapies for cancer. These are not recommendations rather just a list of what I am taking. Follow your health care practitioners advice before taking any supplements.

EPA DHA: It is important to only take Omega 3 and not 6 and 9 which almost everyone has too much of already. EPA DHA supports the joints, reduces inflammation as well as the nervous system. Fish oil seems to be the best source. Sardines are the best food source, if one can eat a can of sardines every other day, one can skip taking a supplement. When I don’t eat sardines, I take up to 1000mg of EPA DHA.

PANCREATIC ENZYMES: These are an essential part of some forms of alternative cancer therapies. They help get more nutrients out of the food one eats and can contribute to breaking down tumors as well as eliminate dead tissue. I use a formulation called GB3 from Endomet Labs and take up to 4 per meal. If you would like to order these, contact me and I will send you ordering details as well as set you up with a supplement discount.