My Cancer Journey

Essential Cancer Resources

I was often overwhelmed with the number of websites and cancer related resources I found online. Here are a few websites I found useful with services I actually used or am currently using. Hope this helps you on your journey. These are my essential cancer resources:

This is the official ACS website. It has excellent articles and resources for anyone directly or indirectly dealing with cancer. Above all, I find the Treatment & Support and Support in your Area pages particularly helpful.

One service I used was Road to Recovery in which volunteers offer to drive you to your treatments. Call to inquire early, you will have a better chance of being matched with a volunteer driver. This service is particularly helpful when I have to get chemo 5 days in a row starting at 9 or 9:30am. This gave Melissa a nice break and I felt good about her being able to go back to sleep those mornings.

I was told there was a 60% risk of me being infertile after chemo but did not know the details. It turns out there are different ways chemo can affect the reproductive system and different chemo drugs have different risk levels. The link above explains the risks in details as well as which chemo drugs pose the highest risk for male infertility.

Certainly great information from this non-profit. Most noteworthy is their Cancer Navigator program. This free service matches you with a very well trained volunteer who will be your guide and support all along your journey. From insurance questions to clinical trial matching and offering emotional support, your navigator is with you every step of the way – amazing.

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