My Cancer Journey

Daily cancer recovery schedule

This is my basic daily cancer recovery schedule with all the complimentary cancer therapies I use. I shifted it as needed based on appointments, activities and our basic energy levels on that specific day. Having at least 3 cups of Taheebo tea and 2 to 3 enemas each day is key, try not to skip those.

  • Wake up drink 1 quart spring water
  • Sauna 15 – 45 min & listen to Abraham Hicks Health Meditation
  • Coffee enema followed by ozone insufflation
  • Get up start making polenta while drinking cup #1 of Taheebo tea
  • Have breakfast polenta
  • Digest – sit outside in sun if possible or in bed
  • Late morning Sauna 15 – 30 min
  • Coffee enema
  • Rest & Taheebo tea cup #2
  • Lunch
  • Rest go for short walk, watch funny movie etc…
  • Late afternoon Sauna 15 – 30 min
  • Coffee enema
  • Shower
  • Rest & Taheebo tea cup #3
  • Dinner

An added benefit I have introduced into my daily cancer recovery schedule is a period of 12 or more hours of fasting. This is easily done at night. Lets say you finish your dinner at 8pm, you would want to make sure to wait until 8:30 or 9am before having breakfast. These daily fasting sessions are an excellent way to support your digestive system, balance out blood sugar and at the same time kill off cancer cells.

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