My Cancer Journey

Useful Resources

This is a collection of useful links and non cancer related tools that may come in handy for you during your recovery journey.

This is the modern version of the pressure cooker. We use this to make our enema coffee in just minutes as well as our vegetable puree. It is a wonderfully practical tool which you can use to cook your meals in no time at all. Highly Recommended!

It is essential to replace any chemical based cleaning products you have with natural non-toxic cleaners. This is true for anyone but especially if you are dealing with a lowered immune system. Most cleaners are toxic and very dangerous to breathe in or be in contact with when your defenses are low. Branch Basics are the best non toxic cleaners we have found and they get the job done. The other great things about them is that they don’t ship water. You buy empty cleaner bottles and use one concentrate which you use to fill your different cleaners in different concentrations. For example the glass cleaner has just one or two drops of concentrate while the bathroom cleaner will have almost half a cup.

You may need to fax documents to your insurance company, doctor or other institutions you are working with. Pamfax allows you to do this from your computer easily. All you need is a way to scan your documents and you are all set.