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Pau d’arco brewing instructions – Taheebo Tea

The following Pau d’arco brewing instructions tend to be a little stronger than other Taheebo tea recipes I have found online, however, this ratio felt right for us.

Taheebo Tea Recipe:

1. Measure out 1 quart of clean water and add to a stainless steel or glass pot.

2. Add 3 tablespoons of Pau d’Arco inner bark to water.

3. Bring liquid to a full boil with lid on pot

4. Reduce heat to a gentle rolling boil and boil for 25 minutes.

5. Let Cool.

6. Pour through a strainer using a funnel into mason jars, glass bottles or pitchers. Cap and refrigerate if desired …( refrigeration is optional due to the strong natural anti bacterial properties present in the tea )

For convenience you can brew larger quantities, for example you can brew 4 quarts at a time by adding 12 tablespoons of Pau d’Arco to one Gallon of water.

We buy our Pau d’arco from Taheebo Wellness Tea, as far as we can tell, they have the highest quality and best tested Pau d’arco inner bark. You can find out more here:

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